School’s Out Program

We Rock the Spectrum – Santa Monica
School’s Out Program

We are so excited to offer our School’s Out Program at We Rock the Spectrum – Santa Monica! This program is designed for maximum flexibility. Book one session, a full week, or the whole summer!

Our School’s Out Program offers two sessions:  Half Day Sessions from 9:30am to 12:30pm and Full Day Sessions from 9:30am to 2:30pm. Ages 3 and up. 1 to 4 staff to child ratio. Kids and teens will be grouped with same age peers. One to One Attendant Care available for an additional fee for any children who require behavior assistance and/or if there is a safety concern such as eloping. Please contact us if you feel your child needs one to one assistance.

Call 310-586-2629 to reserve your spot as space is limited! A $25 deposit per session is required.

Summer Pricing | June 11th – August 10th

  • Half-Day Session (9:30am – 12:30pm): $50
  • Full Day Session (9:30am – 2:30pm): $85
  • Weekly Half-Day Sessions: $225
  • Weekly Full Day Sessions: $375
  • $25 deposit per session required

$25 deposit per session is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Do Kids Do During Your School’s Out Program?

During our School’s Out Program, we offer a range of activities for ALL children of ALL abilities. The exact activities offered vary for every program, but below are the main options that you can expect when signing up:

  • supervised open play
  • art/sensory activity
  • games
  • facilitated play activities
  • What Is the Minimum Age for My Child To Attend?

We accept all kids of all abilities ages 3 and up.

  • Are Your Programs Only for Kids with Special Needs?

Absolutely not, but at We Rock the Spectrum we believe in an all-inclusive environment, and that means that we will accept children of all abilities. Our motto is
“Finally a place where you never have to say “I’m Sorry!”. We strive to create an environment everyday where all children can play, learn, and grow together.

  • What Is Your Child to Staff Ratio?

Unlike most area day programs, we offer a 1 to 4 staff to child ratio.  We also provide one to one attendant care for an additional fee.

  • Does My Child Need a One to One Attendant?

Children who are at risk of elopement and/or have behavior issues which could be a safety concern will require a one to one attendant.  If you aren’t certain if your child needs this level of support, we ask you to bring your child for Open Play prior to our School’s Out Program so we can determine together the level of support needed.  There is an additional fee for one to one attendant care.

  • Does My Child Need to Be Potty Trained?

Children must be ages 3 and up but they do not need to be potty trained.  This includes older children with special needs.

  • How Do I Reserve My Child a Spot in Your School’s Out Program?

Reserving your child’s spot is easy! Fill out this form here or call us at 310-586-2629 to register whenever we are offering our School’s Out Program.